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Doing Business in Germany in Compliance with German Law

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Are you planning to do Business in Germany?
It is crucial that you are consulted and guided from the very beginning, starting with the development of your business ideas. This enables you to prevent legal conflicts and economical difficulties in order to focus on your strenghts - building up business. With our help, you have an ideal first-move advantage that will back your business in future.

Doing Business is a complex task. Entrepreneurs need to act in Compliance with existing legal regulations, market requirements and the business culture in the targeted country. This is already difficult planning business activities in the country you are located in and familiar with. It is even more difficult if you are planning to do business in another country. These difficulties prevent a lot of entrepreneurs from starting business activities in Germany.

On the other hand, doing business in Germany is extremely attractive. The opportunities are various, the economy is powerful, living conditions are very good and stable and the society is open-minded, to see more click here 

Dr. Taheri - Law & Consulting - fills the gap between opportunities and obstacles. We help you to implement your business idea to the legal and economical environment in Germany and to act in Compliance with German Law and Business. This includes evaluation  regarding Business Plans, company formations, employee recruitment and business activities. Our clients mainly are Entrepreneurs with business experience planning to transfer successful business models to Germany. We assist you by completing this task successfully and in compliance with German Law. You receive legal opinions concerning your business plan and a guideline for Governance of your Corporation in future.

On this note, our clients are asked to describe their business activities until this moment and their plans for future. We adjust them to legal and economical conditions in Germany and provide a plan for the implementation, to see more click here 

In a lot of cases German residency is necessary to guarantee the success of your business. Our legal opinions guide you with that and give you a brief understanding of your chances to stay in Germany permanently.

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