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Brexit Services

Trade Compliance and customs

We provide legal opinions concerning customs and obstacles occurring in trading with GB.

Corporate Law

We further provide opinions regarding the transformation of companies after the Brexit, such as LLC. operating from Germany.


In addition, we assist with changes of strategies regarding the transformation of companies in post-Brexit era. 


Company Set-up, § 21 I AufenthG

If you are a non-EU citizen and planning to set up a business in Germany, you may apply for a visa/residence permit. Profound legal opinion on compliance with requirements of § 21 I AufenthG is necessary.

Self-employment (academ./scientific), § 21 IIa AufenthG

If the planned Setup of your company is connected to your academical degree or science, you may also apply for  visa/residence which requires compliance with § 21 IIa AufenthG.

Self-employment for liberal professions e.g. doctors, consultants and engineers,  § 21 V AufenthG

if you work in a liberal profession, you may set up a company based on your profession. Compliance with German professional regulations is crucial.


EU Blue Card,  § 18 b II AufenthG

The Blue Card is a new residence title introduced in Germany in 2012. Targeted at highly educated immigrants, it offers the right to work and live in

Work Visa (academics), § 18 b I AufenthG

As a skilled professional with academic training you can apply for a residence permit for skilled employment in the field of your profession.

Residency for non academics  

Under certain circumstances, experienced employees without an academical degree are granted a residency title. Market evaluation regarding the regional needs and labor supply is crucial.

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