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Company formation

If you are planning to start a business, you may need support from A to Z. Our support is divided into 3 steps, each with special aspects to focus on.



 Target Market 



Risk Analyses


 Legal form 




Market Analysis


 Financial plan

Legal form

 Tax & Regulations


 Legal form

 Tax registration

 Commercial registration

 Trade office 

 Bank account 

Articles of assoc.


Mergers & Accisitions

If you are looking for an existing company to purchase, we may consult in each necessary step. From research to risk analysis and final contracts, we support and protect your investment.

Finding a company

We assist and consult in finding a company that suits your capital, experience and plan. Our employees and partners convince wirh a "hands on mentality" and detailed research

Analyzing the purchase object

We valuate the targeted company in coordination with our partners. This includes Due Dilligence with regard to Business, Law and Compliance to minimize the risks. 

Finishing the deal

We continue supporting you in each field until all aspects of     M & A are completed. This includes contractual obligations as well as duties towards authorities.

Investment in Germany

If you are planning to invest money in Germany not related to M & A, you can get a profound consulting on which aspects you should focus on and which risks are involved.

What investment is the best?

We assist in finding the right investment for you by analyzing your capital, intention and options.

What are the main risks?

We analyze the risks of the investment and compare them to other investments to give you an overview of your options

Finishing the deal

We continue supporting you  until all aspects of the investment are completed, including legal obligations

Legal Opinion on
German Immigration La

For Non-EU-Citizens, doing Business in Germany may be related to immigration regulations. In a lot of cases the outcome of the business project is dependent on the physical presence of the entrepreneur in Germany. Therefore, it is crucial that all activities from step one are in compliance with German Immigration Law (AufenthG) in order to make sure the option to emigrate to and live in Germany is provided. On this note, we provide legal opinions concerning the fulfilment of all requirements of German Immigration Law to ensure your residency in Germany .
  • Compliance  with § 21  
  • Compliance with § 18a
  • Compliance with § 18b
  • Compliance with § 18c
  • Compliance with § 18d
  • Compliance with § 18a

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